At age 13 in 1137, an orphaned girl became the Queen of France to later become the Queen of England. Few caught in her charms could ever guess – her enemies would never believe – that she and her kin court would travel the world, and in time, transform humankind in a fundamental way and change the world.

Eleanor of Aquitaine’s disillusionment fighting in the 2nd Crusade for religious ends, would eventually find value inspiring the stories of chivalry, troubadour love song, and give cause for the courts of love.  Her connections in the Holy Land and what she learned at sea grounded her to write the first maritime laws. She developed trade in wine, spice, and fashion with the rest of the world. Eleanor placed her progeny in every throne in Europe to Jerusalem by the end of her life. This is not nearly as important as why she did these things. Find out about the greatest queen you never knew.

Film Notes

Cinematic and dramatic considerations in producing Eleanor’s historic fiction.

Themes : Music, Costume, Code 




12th Century Life

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