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Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine 1124*-1204), was both the Queen of France to Louis the Seventh and Queen of England to Henry the Second. That is history.

Her story is of a girl who comes to power as a self-possessed and parentless teenage leader who will challenge traditional definitions of faith, love, justice, and power to establish the Western traditions of courtly manners, chivalry, family empire, and the concept of love. She does so by a clever centering within a warriors’s code of honor, a personal love for women. At the same time she balances the cult of the new woman within the church’s emerging cult of Mary.

The young Queen of France helps launch thousands of warriors headlong into the Second Crusade. It is an amazing journey. With all of her ability she is unable to overcome a fatally religious husband who makes one disastrous mistake after another.

Surviving a treacherous voyage over sea she returns home, divorces the king, and remarries her Aquitaine power to Norman-Angevin Henri, one of the last men to retain the French sense of conquest. He retakes the English island and she becomes the Queen of England. After giving twelve births, she separates from a murderous philandering husband and begins her life project, the radical courts of mannered love in her Aquitaine homeland to raise her children. At the height of her court’s success, as her children flock to her, Henri murders Archbishop Becket, seizes her, and imprisons her for the rest of her life, gaining full control of her lands and unchallenged control of her children.

It takes sixteen years, but Eleanor’s husband is slain in battle by her loyal son Richard and she is freed. Outliving her jailor she emerges as England’s Queen Regent directing the Third Crusade with her son Richard the Lionheart. She suffers out the century to see the cruelty and avarice of the Fourth Crusade conducted by knights who no longer live by a code of chivalry.

By her life’s end she has assisted her children in obtaining the thrones of every nation in Europe. A rather triumphant ending to a highly turbulent life.               


Who was Eleanor of Aquitaine?


* 1124 is the recent consensus of Eleanor scholars about her birth year, replacing the earlier postulation of 1122.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Mural in Chinon.

How to pronounce Aliénor in her tongue.
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