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Alienor, Helienordis, Al’Nor, Elanor, Elle, Eleanor


This major six-part series by Mark Richard Beaulieu takes a fresh deep look at the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Set in twelfth century France, the story tells of how a self-possessed orphaned girl becomes one of the greatest queens of Europe.

This ten-year writing project draws on the latest scholarly research, Beaulieu’s historical fiction significantly updates earlier historical fictions and gives us Eleanor of Aquitaine, the powerful medieval queen. Born as Alienor, she twice becomes a queen, once for France with King Louis 7th, then for England with King Henri 2nd. Find out how she becomes one of the most enigmatic women of the middle ages as she develops the Eleanor Code and becomes the grandmother of empires.

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(1) Girl

(2)France’s Queen Mother

(3) Crusade Leader

(4) England’s Queen Mother

(5) Height of Powers


(6) Matchmaker of Europe